Monday, April 14, 2014

Cyndi Noosed at Moraxian's Gameroom

Catching up on missed updates comes Cyndi Noosed photo set over at Moraxian's.

" Cyndi Wilde has been caught yet again, and the gangsters that caught her want to make an example of her, so they tie her, gag her and leave her to die of asphyxiation by noose! "

Next up a pair of video vignettes that slipped by.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

I get the Squeeze!!!

Brand new video up at my clipstore. A little spiked walls closing in action, Cyndi Gets the Squeeze!

"Pretty Cyndi has been taken captive and locked in a steel room. She's tied to a chair and tape gagged in the center as spiked walls slowly close in on her from either side. Does this spell doom for our intrepid heroine? Can she be rescued in time?"

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Stuff!

March was kind of a lost month, I had a very bad repository infection and didn't much done. But there are a few new things that fell between the cracks in the meantime. I'm behind again, my apologies so  I'll post the newest vid/pic set first then work my way back. First up is my new photo set at Moraxian's Gameroom, Cooking Cyndi.

"Something smells good, what's cooking? Apparenty it's Cyndi Wilde. Can she escape or is she going to be the main course?"

Next is the video version, up at my clipstore, Tonight's Menu: Cyndi Wilde

"Poor Cyndi, vacationing on a tropical island, she wandered too far away from the hotel in her pretty white satin dress. Lost in the jungle, she's ambushed by a pair of little creatures who take her captive and cook her in a big pot for their dinner. Can our hapless damsel escape? Will she be rescued? Or will she end up as supper for her tiny captors?"

I'll post more new stuff soon...


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


A while in the making comes my latest superheroine extravaganza! In the spirit of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, my Mother and daughter crime fighters return in this new adventure. There's been some minor costume improvements and a ton of new special effects. I play both Danger Woman and Mighty Girl and to show how insane I am their enemy in this episode, Sheba the Cat Queen. So playing three parts is a first for me.

Mom, Allison and daughter Jackie use the secret elevator in their house to descend to the Danger Cave and use their flying Danger Car to find Sheba's hideout.

Where they encounter a cat litter quicksand booby trap.

Sheba the Cat Queen plans to turn our heroines into cat food with her evil machine, The Funky Cat 9000!

It was a lot of fun but also very tough and time consuming to make, hopefully it goes over well, I have 3 more episodes planned but that depends on sales. I hope it was worth the wait for those of you who aren't so much superheroine fans the classic damsel in distress stuff will continue as well (actually as I type this I'm putting the finishing touches on a vid involving the noose as the death-trap).

"Sheba the Cat Queen is on a crime spree and only the Mother/daughter superheroine duo, Danger Woman and Mighty Girl can stop her. Using their flying Danger Car they infiltrate her hideout and deal with her sinister traps of cat litter quicksand and a cat food making machine. Campy superheroine fun from Cyndi Wilde who plays both Danger Woman and Mighty Girl as well as Sheba the Cat Queen."

Friday, January 31, 2014

Cyndi in Purple new at Moraxian's Gameroom.

"Pretty Cyndi Wilde finds herself chair tied and gagged in her blue boots. She struggles and cries, but there will be no escape for the feisty damsel-in-distress. "

Thursday, January 30, 2014

All Tied Up With No Place To Go.

Here's another brand new video,

"Poor Cyndi is bound and gagged again. In her black leather skirt, purple boots and top she's roughly tied to a chair with more than enough rope in an old abandoned building. She moans through her gag and struggles vigorously but it's to no avail."

Cyndi Wilde: Fire! New photo set at Moraxian's Gameroom.

The accompanying photo set for the new vid,

"Cyndi Wilde has once again been caught snooping and now will pay the price. She is tied to a chair and left in a burning room. Can she free herself without breathing too much smoke?"