Friday, July 31, 2015


Lots of things have been going on since the little Blogger scare back in the winter. I was sidelined with some major health issues, that have changed my life considerably. I've since had to stop working and have slowly been adjusting to the new way things are for me. I had stopped making videos for a little while but now I'm back into the swing of things. Doing this is taking a toll on me but I can't stand sitting around and doing nothing, I'd rather do something I enjoy even if it's hard on me. i can see the last video I updated on here was Dark and Stormy Night from way back in February. Since then there has been,

WYLDSTAR, a short simple superheroine vignette and the only appearance of those red boots ever (long story there).

WYLDSTAR PREVIEW from Cyndi Wilde on Vimeo.
Cyndi Wilde's newest superheroine, Wyldstar decides to drop in on the evil Skullman in his volcanic island lair. After using her super powers to defeat his security drones, she overpowered by one of Skullman's many bobby traps. The sinister villain decides to dispatch her by tying her to a chair and placing in the center of his dungeon with spiked walls closing in. Helpless while bound as it negates her superpowers, Wyldstar struggles valiantly as the deadly spikes inch closer, if she can not get free it will be her doom!!!

Then there was TORCHED, an older unfinished fire based DID video that I had finally got around to completing featuring a Chinese dress and all...

"Our hapless damsel, Cyndi Wilde, is again caught by nefarious villains and left bound and gagged in a perilous situation. Dressed in her pretty pink satin Chinese dress, Cyndi is securely tied to a chair with thick rope and some white tape to keep her silenced. She's left in a warehouse full of highly flammable chemicals which have been set ablaze by her captors. Can she escape or is our heroine torched?"

Sorry, but I never uploaded a trailer for this one.

Then there was FROZEN ASSETS, this time an ice themed DID vignette.  Complete with fishnets, leather skirt, red wig and glasses.

"Perky accountant, Betty Lynn, is very thorough. So thorough in fact it didn't take her long to figure out her new clients were mobsters. Unfortunately for her they decided to keep her on ice for a while.'

Again, no trailer for this one.

Then I got back into full fledged superheroine mode with CATGIRL RETURNS, sequel to my CATGIRL video.

"Catgirl is back fighting crime and this time she has her hands full with the villainess, The Queen of Hearts who is robbing a high rise casino. Not to be denied her loot she overpowers our heroine and leaves her tied to the rooftop neon sign with several bundles of dynamite. Is this an explosive end for Catgirl or will justice prevail?  "

There's still more new stuff from my absence from the blog, but that's enought to catch up on in this post. Look for part 2, soon.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I received a very nice little message from Google today about this blog. It seems in the next month Blogger will be banning "Adult and/or Sexual content". I don't want to bitch and moan about censorship, I'm getting too old for this crap. Truthfully I'd love to just delete the whole thing. I tend to ignore it, video production is down (don't worry I'm still making new ones) and the page views are at the lowest ever. But occasionally when I do put up a new post I get a comment, sometimes two, plus these posts go back to 2007 and knowing that real people are still reading and interested and that all that history would be lost forever makes me want to save as much of it as I can.

Which brings me to the big dilemma, I can't save all of it! 

I put my first post from my old Yahoo 360 blog from October 2007 and my most recent post, A Dark ans Stormy Night (below) up on a livejournal page. I will be moving as many entries as I can over there but I can't do all of it, it's just too much. So, if you have any favorite post let me know and I'll include them in the move. Unfortunately, the damsel lounge, photo set archive and video archive cannot be moved, at least not now. Another thing (which upsets me) is the comments on the saved posts may be lost, I'll see if they can be incorperated into the posts themselves.
I have about 3 weeks or so to Google's deadline and the locking of this account, but I only have a limited amount of time to work on this, so I'll try to get to everything. I have my video store, Twitter, Youtube and other video accounts but this here is my most complete history on the web. From my immature bitching about the deleting of my MySpace accounts, through X-Tube, then Moraxians Gameroom and clips4sale. So, any favorite posts, let me know.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

New video, "Dark and Stormy Night"

A little behind on things due to internet issues, but here's the latest video,

A Dark and Stormy Night.

"In this bondage vignette, I'm dressed in a silver satin blouse, black satin skirt, pantyhose and high heels and tied to a chair with my arms at my sides and gagged with white tape. Watch as I squirm and struggle.Cyndi"

Monday, January 12, 2015

Staked Out. New Burnt at the Stake Video

"In this damsel in distress bondage vignette, Cyndi Wilde- alone in the woods is ambushed and tied to a stake atop a pile of blazing kindling. She struggles valiantly against the ropes as the flames lick her body."

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Catgirl! Brand new superheroine video!

In my second video of my comback I present a new superheroine, Catgirl. The purple spandex and fishnet stocking wearing Catgirl, is more of a crimefighter but has a few superpowers: cat-like reflexes and a telepathic cat summoning among them. The evil Onyx is back from Liberty Lass as the baddie, it seems she's on a personal mission to take out as many superheroines as possible. This was very fun to make but took longer than I thought due to issues that are better left unmentioned. So here's the trailer from Youtube and a collage of screencaps, enjoy.

"While patrolling the city on a quiet night, superheroic crimefighter, Catgirl, is ambushed by the evil Onyx posing as a citizen in distress. Onyx zaps our heroine with her lightning powers and after a fight has Catgirl bound and gagged in an abandoned warehouse which she sets ablaze. Will Onyx succeed with her campaign to destroy all superheroines or can our resourceful heroine use her wits and telepathic cat summoning powers to save herself? Find out in Catgirl!"

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Brand new superheroine video, Liberty Lass

I've returned with a brand new video just in time to finish out 2014. This is my take on Wonder Woman as that was the first thing I thought when I saw those leggings. I first teased this back in the late summer on Twitter, but complications arose and the footage that was shot back then was unusable. So I re-shot everything a little over a week ago than began the arduous task of editing. I knew if I ever did a W.W. vid that I wanted the invisible jet so I hope I came up with a convincing enough way to portray it. The villainess Onyx as it turns out bears a similar design to Snake Plisken from Escape From New York, the wasn't intentional, at least consciously.  So my first new vid since August, it was fun to make and I missed doing it and forgot how much work it was. So without further ado here's the trailer for Liberty Lass:

"Out on patrol in her invisible jet, superheroine Liberty Lass comes across a derelict ship and decides to investigate but unknown to her it is a trap set by the evil villainess, Onyx and the ship is rigged to blow. "